It’s no secret that there is a strong correlation between sport and business as the key ingredients to building a foundation for success are often the same.  Whether your business has direct ties to endurance sports or not, as an elite level athlete there are several things I can offer to help promote your business.

  • Visibility.  I have experience working on video series’, doing photoshoots as well as being active in the endurance sport community.
  • Branding.  Opportunity for branding on racing and training gear as well as my website.
  • Marketing.  Use of my services for advertisement campaigns and use of my images.
  • Corporate training programs.  As an elite triathlete and coach I can write training programs for your business team, lead group training sessions and join at your next team event whether it be a Gran Fondo, Half Marathon or Triathlon.
  • Guest speaking and appearances.  I have spoken at various retailers, helped promote products at Ironman expos, organized shop events and been featured in pro panels.
  • Social media presence. I utilize facebook, instagram and twitter to share results, promote my partners, share my experiences and engage with other athletes in the endurance sport community.
  • Influence.  I have a large circle of influence in the running, cycling and triathlon community extending beyond Vancouver in British Columbia. I am a source of knowledge for friends, athletes I coach and training partners.
  • Consistent competitive results.  As an amateur I consistently obtained world class results.
  • Positive role model. Alignment with a positive role model and an association to healthy active lifestyles.
  • Developing together. Opportunity to help and support a young, dedicated, hardworking athlete in their pursuit of developing into a world class athlete.

I have had the privilege of working with some great businesses as an athlete and am always open to exploring new opportunities.  If you wold like to discuss how I can be an asset to your company by creating a mutually beneficial partnership don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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