Triathlon Training Camps for Ironman Canada and Challenge Penticton

It’s crazy to think that we’re already almost a week into February.  Race season will soon be upon us, so time to get organized.  I started looking at accommodations for Ironman Coeur d’Alene and it’s looking like I may have left it a little too long!  I’m assuming most are more organized than me though, it makes for a much more enjoyable race experience, trust me.  I think next year I’ll recruit the help of my mother in law when planning my race season, she’s a pro when it comes to logistics.  She would definitely be shaking her head at me if she only knew how far off I am from having everything sorted out between transportation, hotels and race registrations!

On another note it’s also the time of year when training camps start filling up.  My coaches Sean Clark and Tara-Lee Marshall are putting on camps for both Ironman Canada and Challenge Penticton.  You can follow the links below to be filled in on all the little details.

Whistler IMC Training Camp

Ironman Canada (Whistler) Training Camp 2013

Challenge Penticton Training Camp

Challenge Penticton Training Camp 2013

Both camps should be epic.  For the Whistler camp Sean and Tara-Lee have teamed up with Ben Bigglestone of Vo2 Multisport and between the 3 of them they have over 30 years of racing and coaching experience.  That camp goes from July 25th – 28th.

The Challenge camp is from August 2nd – 4th.  I had the pleasure of taking part in this camp last year when it was the “OG” Ironman Canada camp.  Both Jenna and I had an amazing time but more importantly it got me ready for race day.  A big part of my success on race day could be contributed to knowing the course and having the confidence knowing I had done most of it before.  I knew exactly what to expect, where to go hard, where to hold back, that Yellow Lake is far worse than Richter’s Pass, that the out and back feels like an eternity and that the run is anything but flat.  I really felt at peace standing there in the water with 2500+ people at 6:55 am on race day knowing that I had done this all before.  I had done it in pieces but I had the quiet confidence that I knew how to piece it all together.  Camp helped give me this confidence.

I should probably mention too that these do fill up, I believe there’s less than 10 spots left for the Whistler Camp so if you’re interested it’s best to get on it sooner than later.  Happy training!


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