Ironman Shadow Box

I thought I would share a photo of one of my Christmas presents from Jenna this year.  After a fair amount of planning, shopping, chopping, gluing and velcroing she created this very cool shadow box for me.  I didn’t actually get a chance to see what the official Ironman ones looked like this year but I’m sure this one tops them!  A special shout out to Kara Imai who took some amazing photos of me on raceday.  The photos I received from friends and family were far better than any of the ones the race photographers took so I’m very appreciative for those.

Ironman Shadow Box


You can’t really see in the photo but Jenna topped it all off by getting a little brass plate with all of my splits and placings on there.  To say the least, it’s “legit”!

If anyone’s interested, you may be able to convince her to put together some more next summer.

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