10 Things I Love About Training Camps

For the first time this weekend we were fortunate enough to take part in the annual Canwi Multisport Oliver Half Ironman Training Camp.  Though it was a weekend full of swimming, biking, running and suffering it was also full of laughs, good times and a great opportunity to go out and train on the course that many of us will be racing on in two weeks time.  Training camps are always something I look forward to; to someone not involved in triathlon this may sound peculiar.  This pretty much sums up a conversation Jenna had with a co-worker:

“Oh, you’re going away to the Okanagan for the weekend, that sounds so nice, it should be really relaxing.”

“Well actually we’re going up for a triathlon training camp, I’m really excited!”

“So you’ll be exercising all weekend?”

“Yes, but it will be with a bunch of our friends!”

“And you pay to do this?”



In ten ways or more I’ll try to explain why we enjoy them so much.

Road Trips – Need I say more…

Roadtrip Group Rides

Morning Group Ride

Testing out new race gear – Jacqui, I think we were all a little intimidated by that kit and set up!

Jacqui in Tri Kit

And busting out the race wheels!

Busting out the Race Wheels

Rides on long, old country roads

Fairview Rd

Long Rides on Old Country Roads

Being pushed to ride in conditions that would normally have me reaching for my indoor trainer

Race Pace Effort on Rainy Ride

Keeping Positive

Post training recovery – Yes, beer does really work 🙂

Post Training Relaxation

Early morning lake swims

Early Morning Lake Swims

Putting yourself out of your comfort zone

Swim Start Practice

Conquering new challenges – We climbed to the top of Anarchist on the last day, Richter’s got nothing on this.

Anarchist Climb

Anarchist Summit with Vegas and Sarah

Anarchist Summit

Travelling aid stations – If only I had these on a regular basis

Travelling Aid Stations

Stopping to take in the scenery – I absolutely love it in the Okanagan

Stopping to take in the Scenery

Making stupid faces – Why do I always look like this when I come out of the water?!

Stupid water face

Ryan, I guess I’m not the only one!

Ryan coming out of water

You too Vegas!

Johnny coming out of water

Training with the coaches – Sean thought it would be a good idea to really stick in to me on the second day after a very hard ride and swim on what was suppose to be an easy run.  He had fresh legs, I didn’t, he’s pretty fast for an old guy 😉 I couldn’t let him drop me or I wouldn’t hear the end of it.  Not sure why I included this!

Training with the Coaching Staf

Making new friends – These camps are always such a great opportunity to meet great new people that share the same passion for the sport.

Chris Riding

Celebrating surviving the weekend at fine local establishments!

Celebrating surviving the weekend

We had an amazing weekend and can’t wait to do it again next year.  Thanks to everyone that helped out and of course Sean and Tara-Lee for putting on this awesome camp.  Hopefully next year we’ll be a bit smarter and schedule massages and wine tastings rather than a sprint triathlon the following day!

I should mention I poached some of these photos from friends and mostly from my coach Sean, I hope he doesn’t mind, I don’t have skills like Peter Parker to capture photos while training or fighting evil villains!

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