Road to Whistler Part 1

Road to Whistler Part 1

Here’s part 1 of a two part video series I’ve been working on with Sugoi Performance Apparel following some of my preparation for Ironman Canada in Whistler, BC.  Hope you enjoy!

10 Things I Love About Training Camps

For the first time this weekend we were fortunate enough to take part in the annual Canwi Multisport Oliver Half Ironman Training Camp.  Though it was a weekend full of swimming, biking, running and suffering it was also full of laughs, good times and a great opportunity to go out and train on the course […]

Running on Empty – How I’m learning to avoid race day fueling disaster!

We often think of triathlon as three disciplines: swimming, biking and running.  The reality of it though, as I’m slowly figuring out, is that it’s much more than that.  Recovery, everyday nutrition and fueling all play such a vital role in attaining those often thought lofty goals that we’ve written down for the year and […]