The New and Improved Oakley Radar

So I thought I’d share some pictures and details on the new sunglasses I got last week.  I know, not really the time of year to get a new pair of shades in Vancouver but after seeing some photos of these from the big bike tradeshow in Vegas early this fall I couldn’t help myself.  The glasses are called the Oakley Radarlock XL Straight and this pair came with a photochromic lens.  There are a couple key features that set these apart from other sunglasses and really got me excited.

 The first new feature is the increased nose bridge height to 19mm’s.  The reason this is so great is that it dramatically increases your field of vision.  I have a somewhat aggressive position on my tri bike and when I’m riding in my aerobars the rim on the top of my sunglasses can really obstruct my view.  The new design completely solves that problem.

The next feature is the straight stem geometry on the frame.  The frame on my old pair of Oakley Radars flares out a bit beside my temples and this can cause issues fitting under an aero helmet or with the straps on a regular helmet.  The straight frame arms fit closer to the side of your head and help eliminate some of these issues.

The last feature that really stands out on these and is probably the coolest one is the photochromic lens.  The lens’ tint varies depending on conditions as it reacts to sunlight.  If it’s miserable out the lens will be mildly tinted but if the sun comes out midway through my ride the lens will react and it will darken.  It’s pretty awesome never having to worry about what lens to use as these adapt to all conditions.  The lens also has vent cut outs to help with fogging on cold and rainy days.  I have yet to test this feature out but Jenna has a pair of vented radars and has never had them fog up on her, even on the worst of days. 

If you did decide to change your lens though, Oakley has now made it easier than ever with their new switchlock technology.  There’s a switch on the inside of the frame that you push, a section opens up and you can pull out your lens.  No more worrying about potentially breaking your glasses when trying to swap lenses.     

Overall I can’t say enough good things about Oakley products.  I’ve been using their sunglasses and goggles for more than 15 years now and I’ve never had a complaint.  Their products set the standard in comfort, technology and performance.

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