Keeping Cool with Nathan Hydration Belts

With all of the long miles I’ve been logging by foot lately in prep for what will hopefully be some PB’s in Calgary, Penticton and maybe even Las Vegas later this summer, I thought I should share one vital piece of training equipment that I use for all of my long runs and races.  Though […]

Wheel Enve? – My New Enve SES 8.9 Carbon Wheels

I picked up my new race wheels the other day from North Shore Road Bike and couldn’t be more excited.  There’s just something about deep dish carbon wheels.  Pulling them out of the wheel bag and swapping them in for everyday training wheels kind of always makes me feel like a kid again on Christmas […]

The New Pearl Izumi Tri Fly IV

It’s been long overdue.  After several occasions in our house of being hit by random wafts of filth I soon realized it was my bike shoes.  It shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise, these are the shoes I wore at Ironman Canada last summer and I pretty much needed to handle them with […]